Meditation cushions for sale

New colours have arrived… The latest batch of meditation cushions are ready! With double lining, an outer washable shell, hand made in India and filled with buckwheat hulls by me, these cushions are ultra comfortable and mold to your body. Available in half-moon ($45) and full-moon sizes ($60).   Proceeds are going towards the Helping Hands school project in India.… Read more →


Intent is a powerful tool. If you set your intent for the day in the morning, your energy will start to make it happen and bring it to you. A lot of it has to do with being clear about what you want and then expecting it. ~ Begin Within Read more →


Yoga is a scientific system that makes you the master of your senses instead of being a slave to them. Yoga is not just standing on your head, as many people think, but learning how to stand on your own two feet. Yoga is not a religion. Yet it embraces all religions. Yoga can teach the young the wisdom of… Read more →


I have been practicing Reiki since I received my first initiation in India in 2011. I returned in 2012 to complete the master level of certification. The attunements were incredibly powerful and transformative experiences. Now I find it rewarding to give Reiki and very meditative to practice on myself. Each session teaches me something new. Reiki is a healing technique where the… Read more →