Yoga philosophy


Yoga is a scientific system that makes you the master of your senses instead of being a slave to them. Yoga is not just standing on your head, as many people think, but learning how to stand on your own two feet. Yoga is not a religion. Yet it embraces all religions. Yoga can teach the young the wisdom of… Read more →

Metta Karuna

Waking this morning, I smile,  A brand-new day is before me. I aspire to live each moment mindfully, And to look upon all beings With the eyes of kindness and compassion. May you, and all other beings, be happy and free from suffering.     Please follow and like us: Read more →


Overview of the Chakras Chakra, from Sanskrit, means ‘wheel’ or vortex. In yogic anatomy there are over 1000 chakras in the subtle body with 108 considered to be the most important and 7 primary ones. The 7 chakras can be described in the following ways: They are the major psychic centres in the subtle body, located from the base of… Read more →