Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Nov 12-19, 2016

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat November 12-19, 2016 Picture yourself here! Join Barb and I for 7 days in the jungle! Allow yourself to relax and explore the local culture, or join one of the many outdoor activities, such as; hiking, biking and zip-lining. Find your balance in the company of some wonderful people who share your love of activity and… Read more →

Filling the book boat

A huge thank you to those people who came out for yoga classes in Luang Prabang in April. Money from the classes on Tuesday nights went to support @My Library and we also managed to raise enough money from the other classes to buy 30 books to help fill the children’s book boat! The Community Learning International Organization NGO operates… Read more →

The wisdom of trees

Meditation is available to anyone and it’s much more than sitting quietly in lotus pose on the yoga mat. We can start to remove barriers created in our minds about meditation by getting creative and finding alternative ways to reconnect with ourselves to find internal peace. For some that might be watching the sunset or listening to the sound of… Read more →