5 layers of self – pranamaya kosha

After annamaya kosha comes the second layer of self – pranamaya kosha.   The second kosha (second smallest doll), is the pranic or energetic body – pranamaya kosha. Prana or life force energy can be received from various sources; from food, water, sunlight, breathing, meditation and even our ancestors. I’ve noticed that the more pranayama I practice, the lighter I feel. If I’m feeling… Read more →

From Pranayama to Pratyahara

Pratyahara, one of the eight limbs of Patanjali’s yoga, is an integral part of meditation. Pratyahara is a withdrawal of the senses from the outside world and is the start of the process of going within. Once this phase has been mastered one is ready to enter the next phases of Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and eventually winding up in… Read more →


Have you ever contemplated the wonder of your breath? Or slowed down to notice the soothing rhythm of your inhale and exhale? While breathing is an essential part of keeping us alive by delivering oxygen to the cells in the body and removing carbon dioxide, consciously examining our breath is not something that most of us do every day, but perhaps we should. And it’s… Read more →

Anuloma Viloma

Anuloma viloma (alternate nostril breathing), is a calming pranayama practice which has a variety of benefits such as: Improves your oxygen supply The calming nature of this practice helps to reduce stress and anxiety Boosts your immune system and purifies the blood Balances the sun and moon energy in the body It can be practiced any time of the day… Read more →

Conscious Breathing

In yoga, we learn to breathe in ways that facilitate our practice, protect our bodies, and quiet the internal noise of the mind. Since breathing is an involuntary function, it can be a mental shift to think consciously about every breath you take. You don’t need to shift into conscious breathing overnight, but slowly begin to bring more awareness to… Read more →

What’s Your Style?

What style of yoga do you teach? What style of yoga do you practice? I often get asked these questions. When I say that I teach ‘Akhanda’ style of yoga, if I get a perplexed look or a ‘what?’ I will explain briefly that it draws from Hatha and Akhanda is the name my teacher (Yogi Vishvketu) has given to this… Read more →