Surrendering to bliss

I had the pleasure of teaching yoga this past weekend at the Ratha Yatra festival in Stanley Park with the Yoga Moves TV team. Anne and I were demonstrating the moves on stage with live kirtan artist Gaura Vani providing beautiful music for everyone, while Sandra led us through a gentle, flowing asana practice. It was late afternoon, the sun was… Read more →

What’s Your Style?

What style of yoga do you teach? What style of yoga do you practice? I often get asked these questions. When I say that I teach ‘Akhanda’ style of yoga, if I get a perplexed look or a ‘what?’ I will explain briefly that it draws from Hatha and Akhanda is the name my teacher (Yogi Vishvketu) has given to this… Read more →

Yoga for kids

Each week while teaching pre-natal yoga at the clinic in Nyuh Kuning, Bali there are usually a few kids running around which creates an atmosphere of fun and play in the class. Most of the time they follow along and sometimes one of them will get into a posture that inspires me to then teach that to the rest of the… Read more →


Let go of inhibitions and let it rip with a big ROAR! Lion pose, which activates Vishuddhi (throat) chakra and stimulates the thyroid gland, may be practiced anytime, however if you’re shy you may want to start in the privacy of your own home by yourself. As you get comfortable try it out with a friend. You may feel silly… Read more →


Overview of the Chakras Chakra, from Sanskrit, means ‘wheel’ or vortex. In yogic anatomy there are over 1000 chakras in the subtle body with 108 considered to be the most important and 7 primary ones. The 7 chakras can be described in the following ways: They are the major psychic centres in the subtle body, located from the base of… Read more →