About Sarah


Almost 20 years ago I noticed that going to a weekly yoga class was making a positive difference in my life. My first teacher, Barry, was a dear man in his sixties who admitted he couldn’t touch his toes or demonstrate many of the postures, yet the most valuable lesson I learned was the feeling of contentment and relaxation at the end of each class. With a hectic schedule of full time studies and work, I took some of Barry’s mindfulness teachings home and discovered that sitting quietly for a few minutes each day was essential in coping with feelings of stress.


After ten years of practicing asana and pranayama techniques, I decided to further my experience of yoga by venturing to Rishikesh, India; considered to be the birthplace of yoga. It was here where I found my teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu (Vishva-ji) – founder of the World Conscious Yoga Family.

Vishva-ji’s expansive energy, laughter and playful spirit awakened the light in me and led to the realization that yoga is a lifestyle and path to self-discovery. I fully embraced this idea during my time in India in the Anand Prakash ashram where I completed the 200 and 500-hour YTT and the Kundalini immersion course. These programs took me on an explorative path of philosophy, meditation, anatomy, mantra and kirtan. This was integrated with hands on practical training demonstrating how to safely teach various postures and breathing techniques.

In 2008 I was certified by the World Conscious Yoga Family, a Yoga Alliance registered school, in the Akhanda style of yoga. Akhanda means indivisible, unbroken tradition, entire, and whole, and is the name chosen to identify the teachings and holistic approach to class styles of the World Conscious Yoga Organization.


It was in Rishikesh where I also completed my Master level Reiki training with Shanti-ji. Reiki is a healing technique where the practitioner uses their palms (with or without touch) to help guide the life force energy already present in the receiver’s body. I now offer 1-1, group and distance healing sessions.


In 2012 I completed the Core Teacher’s Training program with Yoga Outreach which included in-depth explorations of trauma-sensitive teaching techniques and a strengths-based practice which is geared towards serving at risk youth and often underserved adults. I’m teaching in Vancouver at various facilities for mental health and addiction.

I’m a proud board member of Helping Hands for India – a charity spearheaded by a small group of yoga teachers who were brought together on our YTT-500 hour course.


After six years of teaching prenatal yoga and many mum and baby classes, I expanded upon my knowledge of childbirth in 2013 by taking doula training in Vancouver through the Wise Woman Way of Birth with Jessica Austin. I am serving as a birth coach to facilitate a gentle and peaceful birthing experience for mother and baby.

Business & Life Coach

Incorporating meditation and yoga into my professional life, during my career in the tech industry, allowed me to handle stressful situations gracefully. In 2015 I completed a leadership and life coaching program and launched my second business as a coach. As your coach, I will help you tune into your body wisdom, observe your mind and elevate your spirit. When you show up differently, your life changes very quickly. To find out how this can work for you, please get in touch.


Yoga has changed my life for the better as I’ve learned how to manage my emotions in a positive way and to embrace the flow of life’s events. As a karma yogi, I appreciate the benefits of giving back to others who are less fortunate. Being a registered yoga teacher, Reiki master, and coach, I am enjoying life in Vancouver, BC and excited to share my love of yoga and meditation with anyone who is interested to learn.