5 layers of self – pranamaya kosha

After annamaya kosha comes the second layer of self – pranamaya kosha.  dolls

The second kosha (second smallest doll), is the pranic or energetic body – pranamaya kosha. Prana or life force energy can be received from various sources; from food, water, sunlight, breathing, meditation and even our ancestors.

I’ve noticed that the more pranayama I practice, the lighter I feel. If I’m feeling lethargic, a few simple deep breaths can change my mood. Kundalini yoga works on the pranic level, as the subtle shifts in the breath and energy systems are explored through postures, oscillating movements, mantra and dynamic breathing techniques intended to clear the subtle energy passageways (nadis) and their junction points (chakras) promoting clarity, vitality and peace.

Try this exercise:
To help balance the energies in your body, for one week, spend 5 minutes each day to pay attention to your breath. Ideally this will be a quiet time in your home allowing you to focus.


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