Costa Rica Yoga Retreat Nov 12-19, 2016

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat November 12-19, 2016 Picture yourself here! Join Barb and I for 7 days in the jungle! Allow yourself to relax and explore the local culture, or join one of the many outdoor activities, such as; hiking, biking and zip-lining. Find your balance in the company of some wonderful people who share your love of activity and… Read more →

Yoga and Kayak Experience at Jericho Beach

Get outside, make new friends and have fun exploring our beautiful city Summer goes quickly, so make the most of your time by being active and exploring the beauty of our city in the company of some wonderful people who share your love of activity and community. Join us for a yoga and kayaking adventure! In this small group (max of 12)… Read more →

Tapping into your intuition

Intuition, sixth-sense, instinct, hunch, gut-feeling – there are many words used to describe the phenomenon of the mind and body that has the ability to acquire information from ‘out there’ in the ether, from the source of infinite intelligence. Intuition is when we experience an innate knowing or awareness of something without logical reasoning or proof. It’s our unconscious radar… Read more →


I’ve been practicing Reiki for five years since I received my attunement in India with Shanti-ji in 2011. The attunement process in itself was an incredibly powerful spiritual experience and now as a practitioner, I find it both moving and rewarding to give Reiki and very meditative to practice on myself. Each experience teaches me something new. Reiki is a healing… Read more →

5 layers of self – anandamaya kosha

We have arrived at the fifth level and largest kosha – anandamaya kosha – bliss! When you have stability in the fourth kosha (vijanamaya), spontaneous happiness or a feeling of love can occur for no reason. This feeling may last for a few seconds, minutes, hours or even days. Bliss goes beyond words therefore happiness or love doesn’t really properly describe it. It’s… Read more →

5 layers of self – vijanamaya kosha

Now we’re exploring the fourth level and second largest kosha or layer of self – vijanamaya kosha. The fourth kosha is where we go a little deeper into the subconscious mind with meditation and begin to transcend the ego, where one is said to be resting within oneself. What’s beyond the ego you might wonder? Once you have moved beyond the… Read more →

5 layers of self – manomaya kosha

We’re going bigger and exploring a deeper level when it comes to the third layer of self – manomaya kosha.   The third kosha (the doll in the middle), is all about the mind. The mind consists of three levels; conscious, subconscious and unconscious. This kosha also contains the intellect and ego. If you’re like many people you may have noticed that your… Read more →

5 layers of self – pranamaya kosha

After annamaya kosha comes the second layer of self – pranamaya kosha.   The second kosha (second smallest doll), is the pranic or energetic body – pranamaya kosha. Prana or life force energy can be received from various sources; from food, water, sunlight, breathing, meditation and even our ancestors. I’ve noticed that the more pranayama I practice, the lighter I feel. If I’m feeling… Read more →

5 layers of self – annamaya kosha

I recently completed a week long course on my teacher’s version of yogic anatomy. I wasn’t learning about all the muscles and bones in my body, but instead it was an exploratory and experiential course on the 5 koshas (or layers) of self. We’re also made up of 5 elements; earth, water, fire, air, and ether. It reminds me of the… Read more →